Saturn Neptune Square 2015 -2016 part two – Resolving a Paradox?

Saturn is currently in Sagittarius whilst Neptune is in Pisces, and both these signs are ruled by Jupiter, the “feel good” planet. Jupiter seeks happiness, meaning, something beyond the mundane and ultimately, a sense of joy. Sagittarius is philosophical, a truth seeker whilst Pisces is merging with mystical realms. The challenge indicated by this square angle will bring up issues of moral or spiritual significance as we are encouraged to expand and grow into something beyond our current experience.

With Neptune representing the metaphysical world of imagination, dreams and illusions, amongst other things of a fluid, hard to define nature and Saturn on the other end of the scale standing for physical structure, established systems and all that can be categorised by the five physical senses, we have two very opposite approaches to consider.

Where does the line come where we separate science from mysticism, or reality from illusion, or fact from fiction?

If you have taken an interest in research studies that look into the workings of the human brain, and specifically of memory, you’ll know that we can have false memories; recollection of things that didn’t happen. Experiments have shown that we can easily miss seeing things that are there and, if the suggestion is effective, we can be certain that we saw something that wasn’t there. This is a problem when relying on witness accounts but also brings in the question “what is a factual statement?” Quantum physicists show us that the behaviour of our “physical” stuff at particle level is determined by the person watching it!

When two planets make an aspect to each other we can understand it as if two people have come into contact, close enough to start a dialogue. The conversation quality depends on the type of aspect or angle that they form when they meet.

A square – 90 degrees, is hard, it’s challenging, these planetary characters do not easily fall into a discussion and are antagonistic. An argumentative exchange can be expected. But they have to work together somehow now that they are in “orb” of each other. It is this challenge that we experience with the Saturn Neptune square. How do we merge so called “flaky,” “woolly”, fantastical, unprovable spiritual beliefs with so called facts and scientifically proven experiences. Currently there are many divisive concepts taking a stand in daily life and global affairs – science versus religion, idealism versus pragmatism, fact versus lies and ultimately, right versus wrong.

During this first phase of the square (first exact November 2015 to second exact June 2016) we can expect to hear the argument increase from each side as it claims supremacy and we see the stand off as one faction finds cause to fight or resist the other. As Saturn and Neptune move into an exact angle for a second time in June these issues cannot be ignored and so by the time the third “hit” comes in September we cannot continue without some resolution. We can either insist on our personally sacrosanct position or find a way to resolve a paradox. The apparent contradiction between Saturn and Neptune can be solved by accepting that there is both a physical reality and a spiritual one, they are both facets in a bigger story. We can learn to express our idealism through practical solutions, accept that truth and falsehood are both subjective, and that scientific observations suggest similar findings to the mystical revelations of spiritual seekers!

The challenge now and over the next few years is to represent this recognition and expanded awareness in our social structures, political systems and financial organisations. It’s up to each one of us to imagine the life we want and then live it into reality.