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Using age-old techniques a question can be answered, sometimes with shocking accuracy. This is called Horary Astrology

Horary is a branch of Traditional Astrology that addresses a specific question and in most cases, gives a definite answer. This is a very useful and practical form of Astrology that doesn’t require your birth details.

It differs from a Natal or Birth chart reading because the time used to calculate the chart is taken at the moment when the question is asked or clarified and understood by the Astrologer. This becomes the “birth” time for the chart.

A study of the Horary chart will usually provide a “yes” or “no” answer. In addition, it will often give background details to the issue asked about and an indication of the events most likely to unfold.

Example Horary Questions:

  • Will he marry me?
  • Will I get the job?
  • Will the house sale go through?
  • Is moving to France going to work out for me?
  • Where are my keys?
  • Should I sign the contract?
  • Does she want to commit to a serious relationship?
  • Is my son safe?
  • Am I going to lose my job?
  • Is the price too high?
  • Is my Aunts health going to improve?
  • Will we get back together?
  • Where is the cat?
  • Should I buy this property?
  • Where is my missing daughter?
  • Should I invest in this business?

Some questions are not suitable for Horary readings.

What Horary Astrology can or can’t do

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When is the right time to ask a Horary question?

What to expect from your Horary reading

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