I feel privileged to work with my clients. Here you’ll find comments from a few of those people. I’ve also included details of some public media, radio & television appearances, articles or interviews.

“Kate not only possesses the experience and crafted knowledge of sound astrology science but also a delicately compassionate intuition to guide the client into a path of understanding, making it an extraordinarily unique experience. I have seen other astrologers in the past but sessions with Kate resonate for years to come.” S.H. Canada 

“Thanks, Kate your updates are always valuable and bring me helpful insights and new perspectives. Best wishes” D.D. France

“It was great meeting you and thank you for your reading, it was a tough session but you did it in a very gentle way, I think this is the first time someone has explained my chart in a way that is so practical, thank you.” F.H. Ireland

“Thank you so much for the most insightful reading and your deep compassion. I appreciate your kindness.” P.N. USA

“I am honoured and pleased to write this testimonial.
Over the past two years, I have confided in Kate and asked for her predictions, readings and opinions, I have found Kate’s responses to be accurate, insightful and sensitive.
Her responses were always prompt, and always considerate.
I recommend her services to anyone who finds himself or herself  at a crossroads.” Y.F. Israel

“Thanks for the reading Kate! I found it so useful! and deeply reassuring  …very very useful!!
Your advice was so great, thanks so much. I will try to come to see you again!” G.W. Ireland

“Kate’s astrology readings are simple and direct. During our first reading, before she knew a thing about me, I was startled when she pinpointed such specific things about my personal and family life. It was clear that she has an “in” to a way of understanding and perception that is not available to us all. Since that reading, I have met with Kate, either in person or through Skype, several more times, annually. I have found her readings validating (when I already knew something she pointed out) and (when I wasn’t aware) a source of support — a road map if you will. A sort of guide for what might be coming so I could best prepare and steady myself. Aside from Kate’s uncanny talent for astrology, I am appreciative of her down-to-earth kindness and presence. She has a way of offering her insights — even with things that could seem difficult — with tact, care, and encouragement toward a positive outlook.” M.R. USA

“Just to mention you were so spot on with my yearly forecast, wow what a year!” C.K. England

“Thanks, Kate for an excellent analysis of my birth chart, everything you outlined was 100% accurate – I appreciate the time and effort that went into this.” K.A. England

I was lucky enough to have been introduced to Kate and her readings through my Mum, and have returned to her every year for the past 5 or 6 years.  Kate’s readings give me great insight into my character and life, as well as guidance for whatever phase of life I find myself in.  I find the readings invaluable and return to them throughout the year to make sense of things.  Most recently, after being sick with a series of infections, I looked at my reading- sure enough, for the first time in all the years of my readings, it said I was vulnerable to infections during that week period.  Beyond the many examples I have experienced on the accuracy of the readings, I find Kate’s insight, intuition and interpretation of the reading are to be a source of guidance, and often, quite comforting- as I remind myself, hearing Kate’s words-  to let life unfold instead of feeling that I need to hold onto the wheel of life quite so tightly.” S.M. USA

“You are truly nothing short of amazing. The way you combine intuition and chart analysis is so helpful to the client. You have described me and my current state perfectly.” M.M. USA

“Thank you Kate this is a very clear reading.” WR Hong Kong

Thank you very much, Kate, for providing me with my astrological chart and perspective of it. The chart and analysis have been an invaluable tool and great support and has been provided in such a straight forward manner.  It has helped me greatly gain perspective in my own life and at times has been an important source of guidance as somehow when I can look at the chart and analysis I can see why I am feeling such a way at that time and it can be a source of comfort.  I now have a better understanding of myself because of her knowledge of how the planets influence my character.” E.G. Ireland

“Thank you very much for your beautiful work. There is so much in this, and I will enjoy taking my time reading through it – fascinating. Thank you” I.K. Belgium

“I’ve availed of Kate’s services on an ongoing basis, including natal, transit and synastry readings. Her vast knowledge and longstanding experience forms the cornerstone of her wise and always reliable counsel. She’s tactfully helped me come to terms with my past, relationships, and future opportunities for growth on a human and spiritual level. Effectively, a psychotherapist, life coach, and mystic all in one, she’s proven indispensable in gleaning order and reason from a seemingly capricious world.” KJ Ireland

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