Astrology 2022, what’s in & what’s out?

This year some areas of life continue to be very challenging and the frustrations are not over. Other planetary events will provide a real sense of progress with some rare moments of great significance to be experienced.

In the wake of 2021 and on the back of previous years, we are looking forward to this New Year, hoping for better times ahead. So what can we expect? It’s certainly a gentler year with the harshest transits from 2020 -21 fading out. 2022 offers a good smattering of positive trends preparing the way for significant major shifts in 2023. We can start to feel we have turned a corner as the general mood lifts over the coming months. Keeping this in mind, 2022 does still have a few challenges we will need to navigate and it brings the continuation of a theme that has been developing over several years. This year can be best understood as a transition year, marking a time of maturing and developing some areas of life and the chance to graduate out of others.

We start the year with Venus retrograde and Mercury in Capricorn. This puts a focus on our values and what we want to include in our life. Capricorn as a sign is very prepared to sacrifice trivial and immediate gratification for long term value and reliability. In mid-January and just as life begins to take a more normal routine once more, the quicksilver planet Mercury starts the first of four retrograde phases. Throughout the first month we are looking back over what has happened and comparing it to what we want to happen next, but with some uncertainty about how it will fall into place. Keep in mind that what we begin the year with, in terms of preferences, ideas and connections, may come up for revision during February and early March. Plans and arrangements will need adjustment and flexibility. Decisions may be questioned and deals renegotiated.

Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus

They separate from close contact in early January but continue whilst staying within orb, getting very close again, within one zodiac degree, during September and October but never quite connecting. 

This was one dynamic that really kept the pressure on all during 2021 and it’s still lingering like heavy rain clouds after a downpour. Saturn has been in a tense square aspect to Uranus since early 2021. These incompatible archetypes are maintaining a provocative distance throughout 2022 even though they don’t get to make exact close contact again. This is like two adversaries still throwing out jibes even after the fight is finished. In effect this can mean the energy or intent of the friction that has been stirred up by these two planets, is not fulfilled this time. 

The two planets involved have very contrasting energies. Saturn brings lessons and limitations through keeping things confined within strict boundaries. Uranus brings change and discontinuity with an unpredictable effect operating as a “wild card” to introduce new potentials. 

Saturn’s influence will try to maintain the order and insist on restriction, limitation and compliance. In Aquarius, it is all about ideology and new systems of social order. Uranus is the planet of experimentation, new thinking and innovation. In Taurus, there is a focus on material resources, practical values and the body’s basic needs. 

Both planets have potentially negative and positive traits and we are experiencing a mix of both. At times it seems that reason, traditional methods and core values are the best options. At other moments there is merit in overthrowing rigid and restricting dictates. It could seem like the safest thing is to follow those with long-held authority and respected credentials. Likewise, it can also appear essential to deny dogmatic autocrats the ability to make the rules. Finding a stress free path through this complex and frustrating time is how you get the best of both planets. We are not likely to have any startling twists or turns in the pattern of heavy constraints that emerged last year and we are likely to see continual pressure to adopt the “new normal” of social regulation that has become the fashion trend for the 2020s 

We may have a few wild cards thrown out that will shake up the everyday routines. There could be some surprises and even a few shocks for the unsuspecting. These are part of the “keep you on your toes” unsettling influence of Uranus.

The overshadowing effect of the Saturn Uranus theme is pushing the issue that many people worldwide are facing now. Do we want a future that is pre-determined and controlled in every aspect under the promise of safety and security or do we evolve into a community that is prepared to trust natural rhythms and inherent goodwill in humanity? Which way will we choose to develop and maintain a thriving socio-economic system?

This is the end phase of a much bigger dance that these two titans make over about 45 years. It is a dissolution or degeneration of the old ways and an inherent part of our social, financial and political life cycle and the opportunity to build our social structures on a different foundation. The last time we were in a similar pattern was in the mid-1970s and that pattern culminated and was renewed in 1988. Before that, it was in the early 1930s culminating in 1942. This current phase reaches a peak in 2032. 

We are still in the throws of the breakdown of our social and financial structures and so we can expect more change and some chaos before we start building in a new phase. This year is about finding a clearer picture of what needs to be developed as part of the future and also what has to go entirely. For many people, there is still an expectation that we can continue on and return to the familiarity of life in previous decades. Those who can envisage it will begin creating a new way forward. It will be an easier experience when the activism of resistance and opposition is replaced by cooperation and innovation along with practical solutions. Saturn, in its better form, brings personal responsibility and self-reliance to those who choose to accept it. Uranus brings independence and inspiration that is unconditional. 

Jupiter in Pisces

From 29th December 2021 to 11th May and again from 28th October to 20th December. 

This positive combination allows the year to start with a sense of optimism. Jupiter brings the bounty of life and the potential for bigger and better things. Pisces heightens empathic receptivity. It brings a sense of the divine or connection to other dimensions. It feels like there can be an improvement in general conditions and an escape from uncertainty and restriction. Pisces is a creative and even mystical sign that connects to other realms with ease. It can be inclined to want to escape the material world in exchange for something more spiritual. Its true expression is more towards freeing the spirit from the confines of the mundane and expressing a more intuitive and compassionate connection with the world and its inhabitants. Jupiter in Pisces allows us to reach out and expand our higher aspirations and goals. Our imagination is strengthened and we can be highly intuitive and inspired. We seek broader and better horizons that are aligned to values beyond the material world. It takes some of the fear away and replaces it with optimism and faith in a brighter future. There is a sense of being guided or aligned with a divine force. At worst it can create a sense of unreality or confusion. It could bring extremes where the visionary elements are heightened but with no practical application to follow through. Use these weeks to meditate, start a dream journal or grow your spiritual practice. Be creative and allow your intuitive insights to guide you. 

Jupiter joins with Neptune

From around April 7th to April 17th and exact on April 12th

While Jupiter moves through Pisces it connects with Neptune, a planet very at home in Pisces. This amplifies the energy of Neptune during this transit in early April. Neptune brings the non-material world closer. It can dissolve the boundaries and structures that give meaning to our physical world. Events can become confusing or nonsensical and things can appear ridiculous or extraordinary. There is a dream-like quality with Neptune and it is the planet most associated with illusions and also delusions. As Jupiter gets close to Neptune the illusions that have been created as deception or distraction become more obvious. It’s as if the elephant in the room has grown so big it can’t be avoided now. There could even be a feeling that the world has become a little like an Alice in Wonderland chapter. For some, this can be a time of great disorientation as the reliability of reality becomes less dependable. This combination brings out the truth. Many have put their whole faith in some delusional fabrication. This can be like the adult version of discovering your parents lied to you about something fundamental that you had totally believed in. It may be hard to accept that there has been deliberate deception and this delusional fabrication has been the basis of critical decisions. It can deliver a growing disillusionment or a point of revelation. This is the time to dream big and use the creative imagination to visualise and manifest the reality that‘s wanted now. The trend will be towards a combination of powerful optimism and positive creativity. Some will adhere to their beliefs so strongly that it causes a rift between them and others. There can be either a clash or a merging of realities. It may be difficult to reconcile the differing strands of belief. Letting go of rigidity, inflexibility and intolerance is the most positive response. 

Venus joins Jupiter with Neptune at the Solar Eclipse

 Venus passes Neptune on April 27th and then Jupiter on 30th 

This happy combination brings a positive and powerful lift to late April. With the Neptune Venus pairing, we have two planets often considered to be in harmony, merged together. Neptune acts as the higher octave of Venus. Love and connection at the more physical level of Venus are upgraded to the level of the unconditional and complete love of Neptune. Within a few days, Venus takes that lovely all-inclusive power to meet with Jupiter. This amplifies and expands the sentiments up to another level again. In deep feeling, otherworldly Pisces this could potentially be a moment of joyous connection with something wonderful and beyond the usual human experience. These few days may help to open up personal relationships to another level or make a heartfelt connection on a universal level. The added ingredient of the New Moon and Solar eclipse in Taurus on 30th suggests this could be a point of a significant consciousness shift into a heart and soul centred source of connection. The evidence may not be immediately apparent in the physical world, but this energy could establish itself at a very deep level as it unfolds over the coming months. Make time to attune to this rare planetary sequence so you can fully enjoy the benefit and also contribute to the potency of a powerful event.

Jupiter in Aries 

From May 11th until October 28th and then December 20th until May 16th 2023. 

This combination favours new starts, growth initiatives and a direct approach to achieving your purpose. Jupiter is about expansion, aspirations and finding a better path in life. Aries will confront and push forwards despite obstacles or resistance. So this is a very different energy to the previous months and it’s a time for action. We may see new leaders emerging and an increase in start-up enterprises. There could be aggressive expansion, especially in areas of high competition or conflict industries. There may be a hint of the righteous crusader during these months as people feel they need to take a stand and fight for what is right, in their opinion. In Aries, there is only one opinion so this combination does not foster tolerance or negotiation. But this energy is not just about a direct confrontation between people. It can bring a lot of constructive renewal. There is the courage to take the lead and activate new initiatives. It brings a generally optimistic drive that pushes forwards with enthusiasm to build a better life and become a better person too. This is about being our best selves and reaching fearlessly towards that as a goal. At worst there is risk-taking, overconfidence and a “might is right” attitude. Use this energy to drive forwards and motivate yourself to act in the way that represents your higher values. Start a new training program, develop your assertion skills and try new challenges.

Jupiter retrograde in Aries 

From July 28th to October 27th 

Jupiter retrograde in Aries gives you time to take a step back from overexertion and full-on pace. Things may not be as straightforward as you expected and your confidence may take a knock. Allow this time to help you redirect your focus and gather your momentum once more. Consider if you are using your energy to the best ends for your overall goals.

There can be glitches or hindrances in the more militant operations around the globe. Forceful plans cannot proceed as expected.

Jupiter retrograde in Pisces 

From October 28th to November 23rd

Whilst Jupiter retrogrades in Pisces we can feel less buoyancy than when direct in motion. We may need to get out feet back on the ground and be realistic about what we can actually achieve. Don’t abandon your dreams now, but just be sure you haven’t chosen a path that is destined to give you burnout or no tangible results.

There could be setbacks and a lack of clear direction coming from governments and world leaders during these weeks. 

Mercury retrograde 

During January-February, May-June, September-October and December–January 2023

This year the first three retrograde phases of Mercury are all in the Air and Earth element with the final one at the end of 2022 entirely in an Earth sign. The retrograde puts us on notice to take extra care of what we are thinking and how we are connecting or communicating. A Mercury retrograde is the right time to reconsider your plans and go over the details once more. Double-check dates, times and appointments and be prepared to switch things around at late notice. With the Air Earth focus, we need to attend to the practicality of putting our plans and ideas into action. Making the words materialise into reality is the challenge. Too many great notions and not enough ability to follow through could become apparent during the retrograde phases this year.

Eclipse Season 

During April-May and October-November

We have four eclipses this year and they all fall across the Taurus Scorpio axis. This is part of a current series of seven eclipses in these signs that started in November 2021 and ends in October 2023, An eclipse often has no particular event attached to the event but it acts as a trigger point that brings a longer-term shift. It can be a crisis point that tips the balance so a new phase emerges. These patterns are not always seen in an obvious way, but we can look at the themes described by the signs and planets connected on the day to get a glimpse of the potentials. The North Node of the Moon is currently in Taurus so this shows us the direction of new trends. The South Node is in Scorpio which indicates the kind of issues that become critical and cause the shifts. So this year and into 2023 we can expect specific issues relating to hidden agendas or previously hidden secrets. It suggests that more will emerge around abuses of power, sex scandals and exploitation in the coming months. Taurus is describing the path ahead and it speaks of a more harmonious connection to the physical world and its resources. The issue of basic security, food, natural commoditises and our access to them are uppermost. The things we value to provide a peaceful and bountiful life are all Taurus themes. Scorpio issues are being stirred up this year. This is the shadow side. Greed, envy, fear, the hidden and taboo subjects. Whatever we have that we are uncomfortable with, either within ourselves or in society are now being exposed. Scorpio brings out what is “toxic” so it can be purged or purified, We see the darker side and we get the chance to cleanse, become whole and restore balance through finding the purity or simplicity once more. 

The fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are more strongly affected by the eclipses this year. 

Mars in Gemini

Mars travels through Gemini from August 20th to March 25th 2023. It goes retrograde in Gemini from October 30th until January 12th 2023

Mars is the activating planet and can be the trigger or spark that motivates action and change.

This year it moves through the signs quite rapidly from Sagittarius in January and into Gemini by mid-August. By then it is travelling more slowly until it eventually slows and starts the retrograde phase in October and so it stays in Gemini until late March 2023. This is about a seven-month visit and a very long time for one sign to have that Mars activation., We can expect the cutting edge of Mars to be expressed through our communication channels. There’s going to be some kind of “War of the Words” before the turn of the year. It could be that media sources and some individual voices get severed or censured. There is likely to be clashes, and flashpoints are caused by things said, or ideas expressed in some form. It is a time to be aware of how provocative speech can be and also how spoken or written opinions can come back to haunt you. Gemini is a sign of two sides and it wants to combine opposites, it sees the contrast or duality and recognises that two parts make the whole. With Mars creating its friction it can be hard to find compatibility and compromise. Ideas and thoughts can be contentious and used as weapons. There are two sides to every story and over these weeks they may be very much at odds. Use these months to become aware of how much energy, time and personal connection is lost in doing battle over differing opinions. Develop mindfulness around your communications and learn to recognise the inherent power of the spoken word.

An evolutionary step? 

This year we will have to acknowledge, to ourselves at least, if we have chosen to follow our personal truth and are prepared to step out of the safety of approval or have we accepted the social values we are offered so that we can stay within our comfort zone. Will we continue to follow our fearful mind and self-limiting beliefs by doing what we are told is the right and only way? Or will we become more aware and connected with our deeper and more refined spiritual nature and intuitively find the balance and harmony required for an evolutionary step?