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Birth chart readings are also known as Natal Astrology and sometimes referred to as a Horoscope chart. These are the most popular astrology readings.

The chart is calculated using your birth details. The position of the planets at the time of birth are inserted into a wheel or chart drawing which represents the zodiac and other significant features as they were in the sky when you were born.

The birth chart gives a detailed indication of your character, personality traits, your preferences and talents as well as your challenges and shortcomings. It can reveal opportunities and special phases in life. Your birth chart is the foundation for a forecast or relationship reading.

If you need to know which direction to take at this point in your life or want to understand more about your personal journey and purpose and how it blends with your natural resources and talents, then a study of your chart might be enlightening!

Knowing your strengths & weaknesses and learning how to address your personal challenges is very empowering. By studying the astrological patterns which create stress and adversity in our lives we can learn that these experiences are given to highlight those aspects of character which need to be developed in order that we become a more whole & integrated being.

Through understanding that we are not a victim to negative planetary influences or outside forces, we can begin to express our true self more positively and experience a greater sense of purpose & fulfilment.

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Personal visit €150

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Fees from March 20th 2020. I introduced a sliding scale of charges due to the current circumstances. Please see the options and choose the amount that feels right for you based on your income.