Personal visit €150
Phone/Video call 90 minutes €120
60 minutes €90
30 minutes €50
Relationship from €200
Horary Questions €60
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I offer several types of chart reading consultation. Take a look at the individual services to find out more about each one.

Most readings take around 90 minutes or 60 minutes.

Appointments usually need to be arranged well in advance and at busy times you may expect to wait 3-4 weeks. If the matter is particularly urgent I will see you at the earliest opportunity.

The 30-minute mini-reading can usually be arranged at short notice so it’s a great option for quick insights.

I do try to arrange times to suit working people and those who have to make childcare arrangements etc. Your appointment can be arranged for evenings or weekends as well as weekdays.

If you want to book any type of Birth Chart reading or written report I will need to have in advance: Your birth date, day/month/year format The name of the place you were born, town & country, if this was in a rural district then the nearest town must be given. The time you were born, to the nearest minute. If you don’t know the time please try to get some clues, e.g. day or night, after lunch, during “the match” etc.

New! 30-minute mini reading.

Booking a Reading

Please contact me to book your appointment. I’ll respond by phone or email to discuss your needs.

  • Birth Chart readings, also known as Natal Astrology are based on your personal birth details and can give a deep insight into your inner and outer life.
  • Forecasts offer a look at where you are in life currently and what’s coming up. A forecast is based on your Birth Chart.
  • Relationship Astrology is also known as Synastry or Compatibility. Relationship readings require a Birth Chart for each person involved in the relationship.
  • Horary Astrology can answer a specific question. No Birth details required.

Personal Visits

Phone & Video Appointments

What to Expect

A note about fees

Fees from March 20th 2020. I introduced a sliding scale of charges due to the current circumstances. Please see the options in the shop and choose the amount that feels right for you based on your income.

Please read the terms of service for details about refunds & cancellation policy.