Feed your Sun Sign

Tips on how to treat your Zodiac taste buds and make a Sun Sign meal match for sharing.

This is a fun article that I wrote a few months ago. It was used in an advertising campaign by an international food company. I thought it would be fitting for the Venus Jupiter conjunction 24th November which is a great day for meeting, socialising and sharing.

When it’s time to eat, impatient Aries wants it now and wants it hot, so stoke it up with spice and chilli. Mexican burritos, Indian snacks and Thai curry go down a treat and even better if it’s already prepared. No waiting, no fuss but it has to kick a punch, so pass the wasabi.
Fellow fire signs Aries and Sagittarius can sample the rich spice of life if they dine together in a fast food frenzy.

Steady Taurus wants to savour every morsel at their own pace. Creamy, crunchy, smooth and sensual. A big burger and chunky fries or healthy, home style pasta or quiche, as long as it comes in heaps and there’s something chocolaty to finish.
When Taurus makes a dinner date with Cancer its like they have a private food appreciation party going, and you can be sure there won’t be any leftovers.

Social Gemini loves to talk and eat, and loses interest quickly so bite size variety is the key. Tapas was made for them. Pick n mix oriental dishes, sushi, fondue and finger foods all leave room for words without risk of starvation.
Gemini and Virgo can both enjoy their grazing habits whilst they’re busy talking. There certainly won’t be a dull moment around the table.

Food is life for the Cancerian. A quiet night in with comfort food and friends equates to heaven for this foodie. Creamy pasta sauces, rich meat gravy on roasted veg or baked potato with a cheesy dressing and still there’s room for double cream topping on that fudge brownie.
Cancer loves to serve food to friends and family. There is no sign happier to be served with a wholesome and hearty meal than Capricorn. The perfect food match.

Regal Leo will dine like a king whatever the time of day. Holding court and entertaining guests is their forte. Only the best for them, so if lobsters, caviar and champagne are off the menu they will settle for an authentic tandoori spread or sumptuous spit roast spiced chicken with all the sides.
Lavish Leo will invite as many friends as possible to the banquet but the best appreciation will come from food-aholic Taurus.

The health conscious, moderate and discerning Virgo is choosing wisely when it comes to nutrition. Find them at the salad bar for vegetarian options or selecting lightly seasoned chicken wraps or thin based brick oven pizzas.
Virgo makes the finest food match with Aquarius. They can discuss the merits of health and future foods, whilst putting the world to rights.

There’s no better host than Libra and the choice is yours, they can’t decide. Everyone gets their share, elegantly presented and beautifully served. Fine al fresco foods are favourites. You can’t go wrong if you go Greek and don’t forget the nutty, syrupy. pastry deserts are compulsory.
The elegance of Libra dining shared with poetic Pisces makes for a heavenly meal of mystic muse and perfectly presented portions.

Temptation and denial are Scorpio delights. An overindulgence of forbidden fruits may include a flame grilled quarter pounder with extra everything, an Italian pasta extravaganza or simply skip the main and have a double choc ice cream gateaux with hot sticky toffee pudding and strong black coffee to finish.
Food is a serious business for Scorpio, so sharing with caring Cancer is going to be a perfect culinary combination of indulgence and sensuality.

“More please!” is a Sagittarius shout out, but they won’t hang around if it’s slow to arrive. Exotic and fun is their life choice and food flavours can be both. Moroccan Kebabs, Korean Kimchi with noodles or Falafel in a flatbread and if they can eat it ‘on the hoof’, even better.
Adventurous Sagittarius loves the strong and bold flavours from far off lands so teaming up with curious Gemini could lead to some interesting culture comparisons.

Tried and tested is a Capricorn’s first food choice. If you appreciate quality and know what you like, why change now? There’s nothing like a full cooked breakfast or a BLT with salad and fries. chicken and chips or bacon and cabbage, you can’t go wrong.
If Capricorn and Taurus put their thrifty heads together they could come up with a sumptuous evening feast and still have plenty of leftovers to share in the morning.

A new health option or the latest food fad will appeal to Aquarians. They just want to be ahead of the trends. If there’s a vegetarian or vegan option they’ll say it’s the only right choice. You’ll find them munching sprouted seeds along with wok fried tofu and quinoa.
If quirky Aquarius wants to dine with someone really different then invite Scorpio to the table. It’ll be an intense and enlightening experience for the two food extremists to enjoy.

Romantic and refined, eating leisurely in timeless surroundings without a care in the world is the Pisces dream meal. Serve aperitifs followed by a candlelit curry or dine on a dish of slow cooked duck with aromatic herbs. End with liqueur coffee and thin mint chocolates.
The unhurried and easy going Pisces is well matched to dine with slow food Taurus as they quietly enjoy the finer things in life and while Pisces is busy contemplating, Taurus will finish up the food.