Reality Shifts or Change of Perspective – Saturn & Neptune in Mutable Grand Cross

If you’ve been feeling like you’re just going around in circles looking for solutions during May then the month of June will bring a refreshing change to that frustration. There is definitely a lot of movement reflected in the planets this month. Some of this years most significant planetary alignments will be putting us through our paces during June.

The first few days of June is the time to put an end to any habits, projects or patterns of behaviour that belong to your past. Things are changing at quite a rate and so allowing some room in your life for the new ideas, relationships and way of being in the world will make the next few weeks a lot easier to navigate. As the Moon joins with the Sun and Venus the New Moon in Gemini on 5th there is an urge to become something more than you were before or to include more of something which has become quite precious over the last few weeks. Venus is on her most outer orbit the other side of the Sun from earth during the New Moon phase. The planet of love and abundance is really “out there” so let that be reflected with your hearts desires. Plant the seeds or state your intentions, either publicly or privately, let it be known that you’re reaching for your highest ideals or wildest dreams and expect them to become real for you as the month progresses.

Saturn, the sombre planet of limitation is due to make a tense aspect to the escapist planet Neptune. This is the second time in a series of three exact square angles. The first was in November last year and the final one will be in September. These two planets are so very different in their nature that when they combine they create a paradox where personal experience clashes with our dreams or we might get real insights into the virtual reality that we know as physical existence. It may be hard to determine what is fact and what is fiction during this time. Jupiter, the planet that represents our urge to become a bigger, better, more aware version of ourself, is also involved here and it demands that we get a broader perspective or higher vision. Together with the Sun Moon Venus combination a Grand Cross is formed in the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces during the first week of the month. This dynamic insists on change and it can seem like nothing is certain right now. Every aspect of life, personal or global is up for consideration as we adjust to a new phase in life. Do you adapt and flow with your intuition and instinct for renewal or do you resist and try to hold on to what is no longer relevant for the sake of stability or security? You could easily feel that life has just become a crazy whirl of events and keeping your balance may be the most you can manage for now.

As we move into the second week the communication planet Mercury makes a challenging aspect to assertive Mars on the 9th. If your patience has reached it’s limits or a boundary has been crossed beware of harsh words spoken in the heat of the moment as they may change a situation or relationship in a way that cannot be rectified when the heat has gone. The result will be for the good in the longer term but it may not be what you would have chosen right now if tempers hadn’t frayed.

By the 12th June life will feel like it’s running on fast forward as that quicksilver planet Mercury is traveling forward at double the pace we had in May. Talking, traveling, making plans and more talking. Contracts, deals, negotiations and trades are likely to happen in quick succession and all this whilst your life is changing as fast as you can speak about it.

Things reach a peak during the week of 19th to 26th as several astrological events coincide. Solstice is the halfway point in the Suns yearly journey when it moves into the sign of Cancer on 20th June, just after the Full Moon that day. The Grand Cross is reformed with fast paced Mercury taking the position that Sun Moon Venus had earlier. This is the chance to finally make the connections, join the dots and have the realisations that were so elusive in past weeks. There is a genuine call to action as the month draws to an end when Mars turns to it’s direct motion once more on 29th Those areas of difficulty, conflict and impossibility have to either get moved on or moved out. There is no more time to go around in another circle, solutions can be found and progress can be made. Whilst Mars moves forward through the late degrees of Scorpio and finally back into Sagittarius in early August all those deep and challenging issues that have been wearing you down since late February or early March will be revisited and brought out into the light They will need to be dealt with, one way or another, so we can all move on.