December planet watch meets 2020

December is the month where many things can, and probably will, change. It may be small things that don’t seem to make much difference at first glance or it could be something quite momentous that signals the start of a new direction. Either way this month delivers a series of astrological events that prepare us for the months ahead. 2020 is destined to be a very significant year.

The first major shift occurs on the 2nd as Jupiter moves in to Capricorn. It has been in it’s own sign, Sagittarius for the last year. Here the Jupiter energy has been about all the potential and possibility that we hope for. It has brought us plenty of opportunity to consider and plan for all the wonderful options that we could have, if only! There has been the hope of brighter horizons despite the difficult and heavy transits from Saturn and Pluto throughout the year. But all this optimistic looking forward to better days and improved conditions, may begin to feel like a pipe dream or false expectation. In reality so little has actually come to fruition.

Capricorn is a Saturn ruled earth sign. Serious and steadfast, Capricorn is ambitious and wants to achieve. It doesn’t waiver at the thought of a long haul and is happy putting in the effort to make it work well and efficiently. Capricorn could be the best example to match the phrase “do it once and make it count”. So with Jupiter, which is all about growth, expansion, improvement and joyful living, in the dependable sign of Capricorn, it may seem far more like work and no play, but we can actually and really “get stuff done”.

There are several planets moving into Capricorn this month to join with Saturn and Pluto which have already been there for some years now. Venus recently moved in and will be followed by Jupiter, Sun and then Mercury before the month end. Each one in turn makes a positive aspect to Uranus in Taurus, also a no-nonsense earth sign. Uranus is the planet of radical reform and it’s job is to shake things up and move things along. Uranus doesn’t tolerate stagnation or blind tradition and it pays no heed to hesitation. It wants a new expression and a release from oppressive restrictions and will find the most direct path to freedom when it’s triggered.

A true sense of this shift in energy may be felt when Mercury finally moves beyond the shadow of this recent retrograde and out of Scorpio. It’s been in this deep, intense and mysterious sign for longer than usual. All kinds of communications and the flow of ideas have been prone to misdirection and misunderstanding. There have been a lot of things said, sometimes in the name of truth, often harsh, but these words now need to be forgiven or integrated. Mercury in Sagittarius from the 9th will be much more generous, good humoured and philosophic.

The 11th to 13th brings us a taste of what’s to come when Saturn and Pluto finally connect in early January. Venus passes over Saturn and then moves on to pass Pluto and the Gemini Full Moon falls in the middle of this time frame, bringing deep and emotive issues into the full light so we can join the dots and recognise the patterns. This is when our words and thoughts can reveal the true emotion behind them and we can see the results of our previous intentions. On the 15th Jupiter makes a strong and positive angle to Uranus. Ideas and insights for a brighter future pour in to the mind, preparing us for the next phase.

The winter Solstice on the 22nd is followed by a New Moon and Solar eclipse on the 26th which involves both Jupiter and Uranus. And so the new year is initiated, a new paradigm is taking shape and we enter 2020, which promises to be a very significant year indeed.