May is a busy month!

May is a busy month and it may even be a merry month for some. Bealtaine marks midway between the equinox and the solstice, indicating we are well on the way to midsummer. The true astronomical date of this cross-quarter day is the 5th of this year. Many of the standing stone rows or circles have markers for the sunrise or sunset on these significant Solar dates. The theme of fertility, symbolic union and abundance is still celebrated in many places with bonfires, maypole dancing and other pageants that involve community gatherings, feasting and much merrymaking of all kinds. 

There is a noticeable shift in the energy as Jupiter makes a move into Pisces, its own sign, mid-month. Another planet coming “home” is Mercury as it slips into Gemini on the 4th and due to the retrograde, it stays in this sign until early July. Venus also spends the month in Gemini after the 9th.

Saturn starts a retrograde phase from the 23rd and we have the first eclipse of the year, a total Lunar event on the 26th

With all this to integrate we are off to a flying start in the first week. The recent conjunctions of Mercury, Sun and Venus to Uranus, the planet of change and freedom, carries this energy forwards as an unsettled and rebellious undercurrent when Mercury connects with Pluto on the 2nd then Jupiter on the 3rd. Venus following in its footsteps does the same on the 6th and 8th This theme brings communications right to the top of the agenda. 

The month may start out with a few surprises and unexpected tidbits of information being leaked or announced. The pace of conversation picks up as Mercury the fast-paced planet of communication and connections slips into Gemini. This dual sign is symbolised by the “twins” and they seek union and concord. There is the ability to see both sides and have discussion or debate to reach a harmonious position. When Venus joins the Gemini trend, the talking really begins. We may have a more open flow of information or plenty of revelations with alternative viewpoints and possibilities being presented. The retrograde of Mercury at the end of the month means that much of what happens agreed to or arranged, this month will need to be open to revision and review during June. 

The New Moon on the 11th brings that Uranus spark with it and this may create tension and discord in the following weeks if the basic requirements for physical and material comfort or security are in any way compromised. 

The big feel-good story this month is Jupiter moving in o Pisces for the first time since its last visit from January 2010 to January 2011. In the most metaphysical sign, Jupiter can really do its stuff and bring out the best in us. Pisces is all about connection. But the focus is on the spiritual side of life. In Pisces, we get to know about a natural flow and divine order that interconnects our reality. Jupiter seeks the best and highest expression and always aspires to a positive or win-win scenario. The few weeks from mid-May into mid-June give us a taste or preview of what’s to come in 2022, but we have to wait for the full story until after late December because Jupiter turns retrograde after only travelling a couple of degrees into Pisces. 

We have the Lunar eclipse on the 26th which is part of an 18 month Sagittarius Gemini series of eclipses, The focus or effect is often far-reaching and unfolds over many months rather than on the day of the event. This eclipse theme has the beliefs and ideals of Sagittarius the seeker who looks for new ideas and fresh insights combined with the Gemini ability to hold in mind more than one opinion, fact or version of the truth. The Lunar eclipse is a point of release and has the potential to bring a new perspective or version into our experience. We can expect a shift in focus in the following months as events unfold in this direction. 

May has a New Moon at 22° Taurus on the 11th at 7.59 pm and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 6° Sagittarius on the 26th at 12.13 pm.