Balance & Poise – Equinox 23rd September 2014

Finding a place of inner equilibrium is probably the greatest gift you can ever give to yourself!

As the Sun passes into the sign of Libra it tells us that we are half way between the midsummer/midwinter solstice points and night is equal to day! It is, as the sign of the scales represent, a point of balance. The waning Moon moves to join with the Sun for the New Moon phase the following day and becomes hidden to our view at 1 degree of Libra. Our attention is drawn to finding a place of balance and poise in our life. The next few days are the perfect time to initiate a new phase of harmony or peace in any activity or situation that has been out of balance. Is there more work than play, too much solitude or way more people around than you can attend to? Is your inner life a good reflection of your outer environment and visa versa? Where ever the early degree of Libra falls in your birth chart and the area of life this represents for you is a good place to start as this is always your personal equinox point.

The best news is, that without even making the effort to change any of the circumstances in your everyday life, you can begin by making peace with yourself.

Use the current solar and lunar energies to rid yourself of the concept of being either “a glass half full” or “a glass half empty” person and become both simultaneously!

For everything that you don’t have in your life that you may desperately want you can surely find other things that you really want to be gone from your life! For all the conflict in the world there is also so much peace – if you see evidence of greed you can also find displays of generosity.

This solar cycle shows us how the ever changing world around us moves through it’s phases and despite the seasonal extremes there is an overall harmony in the pattern as it always swings back to balance once more.

By adjusting your focus to recognise that all things return to being equal, despite the seeming disorder, can bring a peace of mind essential to your well being. From this perspective you can more easily attend to those areas of life that feel out of balance right now and develop something much more harmonious for yourself.

Go on – give yourself that gift!