2016 The Astrology Forecast

2016 Overview

We start 2016 with lot’s of hope and anticipation for the good times ahead and even though it may take some months before we feel that this really is a trend in the right direction. By years end we might find ourselves living in a different reality to the one we’ve just left behind. 2016 is a year when the recent challenging cycles of the last ten years show us how they have prepared the way for our next phase of development. This year is likely to be a “game changer” and now each one of us has to choose how we are going to play it.

Many times this year we may think we have moved on into the next situation only to find it then requires a further extension to our understanding of inclusion, compassion and the ability to stay open minded. If we want to avoid being constrained by prejudice, fixed beliefs, rigid regulations and hypocrisy there is the opportunity to make a profound change in the way we approach life. This will be the most challenging for people who find it hard to re-evaluate and accommodate alternative viewpoints, especially when they thought a plan was firmly in place or had a “done deal”. The definitions of what good or bad means will become blurred and contradictory which can be confusing especially when those civil, religious or political systems that were there to advise us seem to be a very unreliable source of wisdom, law or justice now. Each person as an individual will be required to come to their own view on these matters. The lack of clear guidance allows for extreme and radically opposed forces to come into conflict.

The astrological trends of 2016 show that we have to learn to adapt to personal and global scenarios and circumstances as they unfold. The most significant background theme is the one set by Saturn in Square aspect to Neptune that started in November 2015 and continues through until late September. The key to moving through this period in time is letting go of resistance. Gaining an understanding of what that really means and then how to apply it in practice is certainly a primary lesson for the year.

Global Economy

For most of the year the main planetary themes will involve Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn. With the exception of Pluto these main players are in Mutable signs for most of the year which indicates many shifts and changes are expected. This is a transitional period that leads us into the Astrological story of the next few years up to 2020 as several cycles complete. Most notable are Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and later in that year both Jupiter and Saturn conjoin in Aquarius. Both these cycles are strong indicators in our economic system and being in their waning phase over the next few years we can’t expect there to be any significant change in the current financial downturn until the end of the decade.

With Jupiter, which deals with growth and expansion, staying in the cautious sign of Virgo until September the focus is on getting the details right. Scrutiny and prudence will temper any enterprise or project this year and although progress and improvements are possible these are not times to rush into ill conceived ideas or make deals on a hopeful promise that it will come to good. There are plenty of planetary pitfalls to avoid this year regarding finances. Deals and trading are inhibited throughout all of the four Mercury retrograde periods (January, April/May, August/September and December) which occur in earth signs this year. The Jupiter retrograde period from early January to May is especially likely to bring a depreciation in currency value and further economic slow down. When Jupiter starts to tread new ground from early August there should be some improved forward movement and new areas of growth in trade or enterprise projects.

Jupiter will move into Libra during September which is a Venus ruled and cardinal sign. This brings a stronger sense of social connection and enterprise which should make doing business easier generally with the possibility of a smoother flow within the economy. During this whole period whilst Saturn, which rules business systems and provides stability, is in Sagittarius a mutable fire sign, caution is wise as economic fluctuations or excess can cause severe problems.

Thinking through the whole ethical or philosophical values that underpin our economy and way of conducting business will bring welcome changes during this period in preparation for Saturn moving into Capricorn in late 2017. It’s not until early 2018 that the rebuilding of a viable economy more suited to the emerging consciousness can begin with any seriousness.

Social Equality

Jupiter moves into Libra from 9th September until October 2017. When the planet which represents laws, justice, wealth and higher learning moves into Libra the sign of equality, fairness and positive relationships we can expect some kind of shift within the social focus. There is now likely to be a trend towards more co-operation between like minded people and communities coming together to improve conditions for everyone rather than the few. The social media fashion for Face book took off in 2004, the last time Jupiter was in this cardinal air sign. This could begin a new mainstream direction in the way we relate and create personal unions or partnerships with the emphasis on crossing over social barriers but also with some exaggerated or “over the top”modes of expression.

Philosophical Limitations

Saturn takes about 30 months to move through a sign and has been in Sagittarius now since last September. Halfway through this sign, in mid March Saturn starts it’s retrograde motion and travels back to around 9 degrees so it will be late October before he breaks new ground once more. During these months we will find it harder to move on or make any real progress when it comes to putting newly learned lessons into practice. A time of adjustment and integration takes place first whilst the theory is tried out in principle.

Sagittarius is always seeking to refine it’s nature through intelligent understanding. Saturn takes things seriously. This is a time when our beliefs, philosophical attitudes and spiritual orientation will be put to the test. What stands up under severe scrutiny is probably worth keeping, everything else is questionable.

Major Astrological Transits

Saturn square Neptune  (Part 1) 

The current square angle between Saturn and Neptune had it’s first “hit” in late November 2015 and becomes exact again in mid June and early September. This is the main theme of the year and is likely to bring about huge shifts in our awareness, viewpoints and attitudes, both on the personal level and within the mass consciousness. It will bring up issues of moral or spiritual significance as we are encouraged to expand and grow into something beyond our current experience. The dynamic relationship takes about 36-37 years to complete. This phase will take us through to 2025 and the end of this cycle.

These two planets have very different modes of expression. Simply put, Saturn is resistance and Neptune is flow. The square angle is a particular challenge, an uncomfortable situation which requires action.

Saturn represents the world of physicality and acts as a teacher through the experience of limitation. There are responsibilities, conditions and inevitable consequences that come with the human experience. We all experience the doubts, fears and insecurities of living in a three dimensional state. Understanding how to navigate the material world brings self discipline, resourcefulness and also practical wisdom.

Neptune seems almost opposite in nature. It draws us to a non material world beyond the limitations of physicality. It dissolves the boundaries of time and space. We touch into the dream world of mystery, illusion and delusion whenever Neptune is in our consciousness. There are no restraints with Neptune, no definition or structure. It speaks to us of unseen worlds beyond the physical senses, an infinite oneness. It invites us to experience the realm of spirit.

The big questions being raised this year by the Saturn Neptune square are “What is real and what is illusion?” “What can we rely on as being the Truth?” “What “facts” are simply a personal perspective or opinion?” This puts most of what you have believed to be true at the beginning of the year on the line to be questioned! So expect a time of confusion. Alternatively, allow yourself to live in a state of not knowing and refrain from forming new convictions until much later in the year.

The bottom line here from Saturn is “Get Real” and from Neptune “Let Go to the Flow” The challenge is to do both simultaneously!

Jupiter trine Pluto

Another theme that follows on from last October and will continue for the first half of 2016 is Jupiter in trine to Pluto. This supportive aspect will be exact in mid March and again in late June. The Jupiter Pluto cycle takes 13 years to complete and this current one started in late 2007 and completes in spring 2020. This planetary combination speaks of the battle between ideological social reforms and the desire for personal power and social control. After the crisis that came when these planets last opposed each other in 2013 we are now at a point when some positive change can occur. This year is an excellent time to instigate or participate in social reforms. We could see the rise of new leadership and organisation at grass roots level taking the initiative to overcome current imbalances in wealth and power. The success of any movement now requires the will power of the people to take responsibility and attend to issues at a local level.

Jupiter square Saturn

Jupiter makes it’s exact square to Saturn in late March and again in late May. This is the closing square aspect in the 20 year cycle of these two planets and the run up to 2020 when they conjoin in what is known as “the great conjunction”. This is a time to act on the issues that this latest cycle has brought into awareness. The last conjunction that initiated this current cycle was in the earth sign of Taurus in spring of 2000 simultaneous with the NASDAQ stock market crash and dot com bubble bursting. Since then we’ve seen a redistribution of wealth through domination of natural resources by a few who hold power over the many.

We can expect low confidence in the economy, business and government, lack of tolerance for dogma, doctrine, law and regulation with further rebellion and protest this year. People will actively challenge the present state of affairs, restrictions on liberty of movement or expression and invasions of privacy as new laws or regulation are forced through. From this year forward, as we approach the 2020 conjunction in Air sign Aquarius, the emphasis will shift towards a more equal society and a new level of consciousness.

Mars conjunct Saturn

Mars joins with Saturn once every two years to form a conjunction. When they are both travelling through Sagittarius in August this becomes exact on the 24th. The red planet Mars is known as the god of war and can also represent the warrior energy that when turned inwards does battle with the “inferior self”so that the “superior self” can take it’s place.

Joined with the great teacher planet Saturn we can expect to be faced with a situation when we need to put our recently learned skills and hard won personal wisdom into practice. The forward thrust drive of Mars in Sagittarius can be slowed down by Saturn and made to consider the broader implications of it’s action. There maybe some frustration or plans thwarted now if a desire for confrontation was not fully thought out.

Jupiter square Pluto

As we enter the last quarter of 2016 it may seem we’ve achieved nothing and the world is in chaos when Jupiter moves into a challenging square with Pluto. This is the backlash in the power struggle for those who hold on to their agenda for domination, control and power fight the last battles against being deposed. This transit is exact in late November and again in March and August 2017. It’s during this time that only the most despotic or self righteous of those who hold power, or want to claim power, will continue to implement their agenda. Everyone else will be ready to get on board the reform train and the majority of people, and most of those who have some political power, will increasingly be the ones to take up the cause and move us into a new level of social cohesion with new political and economic systems to benefit the masses rather than the few.

Saturn trine & Jupiter opposite Uranus

The final two major aspects this year involve Uranus, the planet of individual expression. With Saturn making a supportive aspect during the late Solstice days of December and Jupiter in opposition we can really end the year on an optimistic note. This easy combination of Saturn with Uranus gets their energy together in a constructive way. Putting the effort in to become the truly liberated being, knowing what is possible along with the vision to carry it through with a practical approach to individual freedoms, is all possible now. When Jupiter comes up against Uranus at the same time it says we can’t go back, this is the end of a phase. What has happened needs to be put in the past and a new forward motion is the only option now. Yes, it may bring more rebellion and challenge to existing authority and this continues throughout 2017 as the hallmark of our current times.

2016 Summary

The Challenge & The Possible

The year 2016 will be arduous for anyone who has not begun to explore higher truths that are inclusive rather than separatist or divisive. Disillusionment has to happen as the existing illusion breaks down. For those who are very entrenched in the material world this can translate into a sense of self righteousness, religious fanaticism or determination to bring law and order into areas of perceived chaos. For those who are already consciously seeking on a spiritual level the challenges will be found where dreams or ideals don’t match with daily life.

As we come to the end of 2016 the challenge is to claim your true individuality and no longer allow others to convince you that their way is better. Along with this comes more tolerance of each having their own version of “The Way”. The desire for a more inclusive and tolerant society with greater respect for individual expression, a recognition of the spiritual values that bind us together and the awakening to personal responsibility in the process is all possible now. But the only way this can occur is for it to happen within each individual as a conscious choice. Waiting for world leaders or groups, political movements or rebellions to pave the way is not the answer.

There will be reality shifts. Sometimes this could be a through a profound revelation of spiritual understanding or it could be due to a disintegration of what seemed to be reliable and trustworthy into a state of chaos.

We are at a point where our personal awareness and subsequent choices will determine our future. The option for a better world is here now and available to us. If you want it to be true for you, then choose it and live it. This year we can set out on that new path. Simply choose to let go of any resistance to that as a possibility.

If you want to know how this year will impact you personally get in touch for a personal consultation!

2016 The Details


2nd Mercury ingress Aquarius

3rd Mars ingress Scorpio

5th Mercury Station Retrograde

8th Mercury ingress Capricorn

8th Jupiter Station Retrograde

20th Sun ingress Aquarius

23rd Venus ingress Capricorn

25th Mercury Station Direct


4th Imbolc Cross Quarter Sun at 15 Aquarius

13th Mercury ingress Aquarius

17th Venus ingress Aquarius

19th Sun ingress Pisces


5th Mercury ingress Pisces

6th Mars ingress Sagittarius

9th Solar Eclipse Sun & Moon at 19 Pisces 1:54 am (UT)

12th Venus ingress Pisces

16th Jupiter Trine Pluto. Changing opinions and philosophical outlooks for the better. Ideological power battles in society. Transformation of beliefs. Time to instigate or participate in reforms. Dynamic leadership and organising power. Systems of positive thinking can transform society.

20th Equinox. Sun ingress Aries 4.30am (UT)

20th Venus Conjunct Neptune. Seeking spiritual union with another or others. Desiring union at a higher level. Platonic love.This is a wonderful combination for romance or artistic creativity. Alternatively, there can be the tendency to deception in love.

22nd Mercury ingress Aries

23rd Lunar Eclipse Sun at 4 Aries Moon at 4 Libra 12:00 pm (UT)

23rd Jupiter Square Saturn. General feelings of dissatisfaction. Business and financial confidence low. A slowing up of the economy. Religious and philosophical intolerance. Sectarian conflicts. Coming to a standstill. Breakdowns in law and order. Unpopular governmental actions or laws.

25th Saturn Station Retrograde


5th Venus ingress Aries

6th Mercury ingress Taurus

17th Mars Station Retrograde

18th Pluto Station Retrograde

19th Sun ingress Taurus

30th Venus ingress Taurus


5th Beltaine Cross Quarter day Sun at 15 Taurus

9th Jupiter Station Direct

20th Sun ingress Gemini

22nd Mercury Station Direct

24th Venus ingress Gemini

26th Jupiter Square Saturn. General feelings of dissatisfaction. Business and financial confidence low. A slowing up of the economy. Religious and philosophical intolerance. Sectarian conflicts. Coming to a standstill. Breakdowns in law and order. Unpopular governmental actions or laws.

27th Mars ingress Sagittarius


13th Mercury ingress Gemini

13th Neptune Station Retrograde

17th Venus ingress Cancer

18th Saturn Square Neptune. Tensions between socialist and capitalist values. Suspicions and hysteria. The collapse of an ideology. Insecurity and confusion. Fear of the unknown. Being easily discouraged and misled. Undermining of reputation or reality base. Secret enemies. Illnesses. Poisonings. Damage to waterways and oceans. Hardening of beliefs.

20th Solstice Sun ingress Cancer 10.34pm (UT)

26th Jupiter Trine Pluto. Changing opinions and philosophical outlooks for the better. This is an excellent time to instigate or participate in reforms. Dynamic leadership and organising power.

30th Mars Station Direct

30th Mercury ingress Cancer


12th Venus ingress Leo

14th Mercury ingress Leo

22nd Sun ingress Leo

29th Uranus Station Retrograde

30th Mercury ingress Virgo


2nd Mars ingress Sagittarius

5th Venus ingress Virgo

7th Lughnasa Cross Quarter Day Sun at 15 Leo

13th Saturn Station Direct

18th Lunar Eclipse 9:26 am (UT) Sun at 26 Leo, Moon at 26 Aquarius

22th Sun ingress Virgo

24th Mars conjunct Saturn. A loss of momentum. Conserve energy and establish a pace that won’t tire. Projects or enterprises begun now will be long-term performers.

30th Venus ingress Libra

30th Mercury Station Retrograde


1st Solar Eclipse 9:03 am (UT) Sun & Moon at 10 Virgo

9th Jupiter ingress Libra

10th Saturn Square Neptune. Tensions between socialist and capitalist values. Suspicions and hysteria. The collapse of an ideology. Insecurity and confusion. Fear of the unknown. Being easily discouraged and misled. Undermining of reputation or reality base. Secret enemies. Illnesses. Poisonings. Damage to waterways and oceans. Hardening of beliefs.

16th Lunar Eclipse 7:05 pm (UT) Sun at 25 Virgo, Moon at 25 Pisces

22nd Mercury Station Direct

22nd Equinox Sun ingress Libra

23rd Venus ingress Scorpio

26th Pluto Station Direct

27th Mars ingress Capricorn


7th Mercury ingress Libra

18th Venus ingress Sagittarius

23rd Sun ingress Scorpio

24th Mercury ingress Scorpio


6th Samhain Cross Quarter Day Sun at 15 Scorpio

9th Mars ingress Aquarius

12th Venus ingress Capricorn

12th Mercury ingress Sagittarius

20th Neptune Station Direct

21st Sun ingress Sagittarius

24th Jupiter Square Pluto. The urge to exercise power over others. Increased power of assertion. Making a statement, by force if necessary. Actions that impact on society at large. Power struggles based on philosophical or ideological differences. The desire for power and dominance. Disasters caused through over-estimating abilities. Crime wave. Religious fanaticism. Escalation of violence.

29th Jupiter is Sextile Saturn. Balance between expansion and consolidation. Successes through patience and hard work. Financial stability. Rise in property values. Quiet optimism and business confidence.


2nd Mercury ingress Capricorn

7th Venus ingress Aquarius

19th Mars ingress Pisces

19th Mercury Station Retrograde

21st Solstice Sun ingress Capricorn 10.44am (UT)

25th Saturn Trine Uranus. A good time to introduce reforms and to make changes. Knowing what is possible and achievable.

26th Jupiter Opposition Uranus. Religious tensions. Irrational beliefs. Fundamentalism out of control. Zealots. Unstable financial markets. Sudden fluctuations in the stock-market. Reversals of fortune. Unpopular laws and travel procedures.

29th Uranus Station Direct