But Seriously Folks! – Why Horoscopes Are Comforting

Why Horoscopes Are Comforting

“Neuroscience research indicates that predictions can alter perception and even modify brain activity in the direction of what is expected.”

Yes, and not a new concept for many.

This recent NY Times article points out that what you believe is what you get – well in it’s way. Suggesting that we love our horoscope columns and Astrological predictions so we can feel good and secure about our future – and whilst I’m currently writing the forecast for 2016 this is top of my mind.


My main message now (before I publish the overview of the year) is that it’s up to you to decide what future you want.
Don’t let your current situation make it seem unlikely.
Keep your focus totally on the good things in life.
Small things are easiest – just having a hot drink and some food – that’s a good thing to be celebrated!
Build on those small miracles and just keep that theme going. Know that the future holds so many more of those moments and then feel how good that will be to experience when you get there.
Yep, that’s your future!

That’s it for now – back to writing the future for me!

Oh yes – the “But Seriously Folks!” is an Album by Joe Walsh (1978)
Link to the track “Lifes Been Good to Me” smile emoticon
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8p6FBYlhHc Enjoy!