2013 – Mars square Saturn & the Uranus Pluto theme

The year starts with Mars moving into a challenging square aspect to Saturn. So don’t expect to feel like throwing yourself into new projects until at least the second week of the month. Mars is commonly associated with all things “male” and is traditionally known as the god of war. We all have Mars featuring somewhere in our own birth chart and its placement will describe our personal relationship with the associated Martian characteristics. He is also the planet to look to for our physical drive, will power, courage and the ability to confront obstacles. The planet Saturn defines our boundaries as the furthest planet visible to the naked eye. He represents our restraint, limitations and keeps us bound to “reality”. In our birth charts Saturn describes how and where we feel inadequate and what we fear. When we see these two challenging each other it indicates that courage or fear, determination or doubt will take the lead. Will we be overwhelmed by a sense of inadequacy or find the will power to push on through? By the time of the New Moon on the 11th this difficult aspect will be waning but there is a lesson to be learned during the first few days of the month. Take note of where, or in what way, you may have felt the urge to strike out on a new course but perhaps drew back for various practical reasons or doubts about your ability to follow through. Over the coming year there will be plenty more opportunities to face your anxieties and vanquish them.
Many of us are looking into an uncertain future with further changes and disruption occurring throughout the social political and economic systems during the next few years. Events have been set in motion and we need to be flexible and resilient as our world shifts and individual lives are affected in greater or lesser ways. Being jostled out of your comfort zone is not unlikely this month as Venus, planet of pleasure and comfort makes a challenging aspect to unpredictable Uranus whilst joining with the small but mighty Pluto on the 17th Expect to be shown that something you considered necessary or desirable may need to be exchanged for an alternative option that will actually serve you better in the longer term. Messenger Mercury joins with our Sun on the 18th creating tension but also, potentially, illumination and clarity. Having choices between two options will come to the fore again as mighty Jupiter returns to a forward motion in Gemini on 30th
The background planetary patterns, involving freedom seeking Uranus and transformative Pluto, indicate that we are going through a momentous, inevitable and essential process which will take many years. The theme being played out, on a global and personal level, includes taking responsibility for our own wellbeing. It can be uncomfortable, or even shocking, to discover where we have failed to do this especially if we get let down by people or organizations we entrusted with the task. This is where those lessons learned about a false sense of inadequacy are put to use. We are all being forced to “grow up”. Knowing that beyond our doubts and fears we are in fact well able to rise to the next challenge is the reward.