Sun conjunct Chiron & the South Node in Pisces – Leave the pain of the past behind and walk free!

The Sun is joined with Chiron & the South node at  22 degrees of Pisces. Use today’s energies to step out of your old story and walk a new path. Chiron represents our wounds and pains brought with us from the past. They are patterns of pain that seem to be ingrained and impossible to heal. Within this is our greatest gift if only we can access the wisdom it brings. The South Node of the Moon describes our past also, something that is familiar and “karmic” that we can begin to leave as we develop new ways of being in the world. People, habits, beliefs & old issues are left behind as we move towards our North Node goals. The Sun is our life energy and a guiding light – an expression of our personality that reflects out essence when we tap into it without conditioning. Take full advantage of the synergy – take a leap of faith and let go of hurts that arise today and know that you so much more than the scars and pain from the events of your past. “Without your story who would you be?” Then step out and become that – try it today and you might find that you like who you are!