Planet Update March 2012

The early days of March suggest this could be a significant month. Events are likely to set quite a fast pace and keeping up with changes might be a challenge. The astrological patterns show a combination of possible flashpoints combined with some exceptionally positive potentials. During the first weeks of March if you watch the western skies soon after sunset you might get a glimpse of the evening star Venus being joined by mighty Jupiter as they get closer to their conjunction on 14th.  Known as the lesser and greater benefics their combination is a welcome sight and occurs in the ninth degree of Taurus. They are not the only planets making powerful combinations at nine degrees this month and those people who have personal planets or critical points there are likely to be affected more strongly.

On the 4th Pluto, at nine degrees of Capricorn, contacts the exact eclipse degree of July last year. The eclipse Sun/Moon completed a tense cardinal cross along with Uranus, Saturn and Pluto. Cardinal signs bring new beginnings and the stressful cross dynamic means using assertion to achieve them. Since last summer we’ve witnessed this theme being played out as people struggle for change and dominating powers attempt ever increasing control measures. During the months following an eclipse, and as planets make contact with the exact degree, events can be triggered that follow on from whatever was initiated originally. The early weeks of March could bring a strong show of force and in addition we could experience disturbance or unexpected activities in our communications as messenger Mercury combines with unpredictable Uranus in feisty Aries on both 5th and 18th.

The Full Moon on 8th completes the cycle started during the February New Moon which formed a close conjunction with Neptune. This phase is likely to find us wondering where we are going whilst feeling our way through what seems like endless chaos and contradictory or confusing information. We may have to adapt to new circumstances or adjust our thinking as events unfold. The important lesson here is to learn how to trust and follow an intuitive inner sense when all the exterior familiar landmarks or pointers are proved unreliable.

The main astrological theme of the month begins to take shape between 13th and 15th as the Jupiter Venus duo make supportive trine aspects to both Pluto and retrograde Mars creating a Grand Trine. This triangular dynamic is one of the most desirable combinations for positive potential.  The synergy of Mars with Pluto, Jupiter and Venus all in earth signs and working well with each other creates a pretty potent energy with very constructive possibilities. All these planets are at nine degrees when this stabilising aspect pattern is formed and this adds to the likelihood of a follow up to events of last summer and autumn.  Great things could be achieved during this time.  Mars whilst retrograde gives consideration before action. In combination with transforming Pluto and forward looking Jupiter the suggestion is that it’s time for a complete makeover.