New Moon in Leo Mars conjunct Saturn

This month features two Full Moons. The first on August 2nd is in the sign of Aquarius and completes the Lunar phase of last month’s New Moon in Cancer. As each Moon cycle waxes and wanes we can synchronise our lives to the rhythm of beginnings, culminations and endings. This process occurs naturally within our lives even when we aren’t paying attention. Acknowledging the energy fluctuations and working with the flow instead of forging ahead regardless of what our mind, body or emotions might be telling us, can become a very positive experience. Each Moon phase falls in a particular Zodiac sign as the Sun makes its journey progressively through the year. The energy or resonance of each sign can be utilised to enhance the area of life best reflected by the Moon. This month’s New Moon falls in Leo, sign of the regal beast, associated with the Sun’s rays, the heart chakra, physical vitality and creative expression. When given a positive outlet the Leo archetype has a quiet dignity with a hearty, joyful and generous disposition. This New Moon is the perfect opportunity to initiate projects or actions which involve sharing or giving and make time for being creative. Anything that gives you a sense of joy or elevates your mood and contributes to others enjoyment is very Leo in nature. Following the Moon phase this venture will increase in strength as the Moon waxes to Full. This Month it occurs in the sign of Pisces which represents the concept of giving up or letting go of material benefits for something more spiritually meaningful. The benefits of your actions can be enjoyed and integrated as the Moon decreases in light, moving around to join the Sun once again at the next New Moon, but this time in the sign of Virgo.
Other astrological activity to watch for this month is when Mercury, the “quicksilver” planet of communications appears to move slowly before it makes the turn to begin its forward motion again on the 8th. As Mercury orbits the Sun on the opposite side to earth it seems to slow down, move backwards and then speed up again as it gets nearer to earth once more. During the retrograde phase any communication or documentation is likely to be mislaid or misunderstood and may have to be re worked or checked later for errors.
In the few days before the New Moon, Mars the planet of assertion, drive and force connects with Saturn which slows, restricts, confines and organises what it touches. The usual physical vigour and impulsiveness of Mars can be tempered and harnessed by Saturn making an assertive martial force into something truly powerful. Though this energy dynamic suggests it could create a mighty and potentially dominant power there are other factors at play. Venus, planet of social connection and harmony makes a strong angle to both the revolutionary Uranus and Pluto the planet associated with power struggles and control. This lovely Venusian influence can act as a brake on any attempt to force through ideals, policies or initiatives with pure might. Trying to take control of other peoples affairs during this phase may well be overridden by the desire for diplomacy and social cohesion.