Mars in Libra, “Morning Star” Venus & Saturn

After all the astrological excitement in June, this month might seem a little dull. On the other hand it should give us the chance to catch our breath and find our bearings again. As you take stock you might realize quite a lot has happened in the last few weeks. You could also be left wondering how to make sense of some events. It’s understandable if you suspect what you’ve been told is not an accurate account of what happened.

Jupiter, a planet known to create exaggeration, has just made a harsh angle to Neptune the planet of illusion making it difficult to discern between opinion and actuality. Jupiter goes on to mix with the planet Uranus later this month and this brings a necessary but unexpected departure from the anticipated course of events. With the ongoing backdrop of Uranus making its challenging square aspect to Pluto during the next few months we’ll begin to clearly see familiar patterns emerging due to power struggles as individuals, groups or nations vie for supremacy and control. This pair of evolutionary heavyweights in their current combination is the hallmark of freedom seekers and authoritarian control at odds with each other.

On a more personal note we see Mars the planet of drive and conquest move into the co-operative air sign of Libra on the 3rd after being in the perfectionist earth sign of Virgo for the last eight months. This shift of energy puts the focus on relationships and equality. Now is the time to work on smoothing out any differences and conflicts between the people you encounter everyday. Adding to the theme of mutually beneficial connections, both Venus, planet of social values and Saturn planet of endeavor and fortitude are now moving in a forward direction once more. This allows their energy to be active and future orientated again and we find it easier to work alongside each other as we recognize common goals.

If you have been missing the sight of Venus as she hung low in the sky just after sunset in the past weeks, you can now see her rising ahead of the Sun just before the sky lightens at dawn. During the few days before the end of the Lunar cycle as the Moon decreases to a crescent slither she can also be seen rising just ahead of the Sun. If you are an early morning stargazer look out on the 15th for a view of both Venus and Jupiter alongside the fixed star Aldebaran and watch the waning crescent Moon pass in front of Jupiter just before dawn.

Aldebaran is one of the Royal stars and traditionally known as “the watcher of the East” In a prominent position, astrologically, it is considered to bring honour, fortune and power though this is not likely to last and can also be the cause of ones downfall.