Moon Horoscope

Both Neptune and Mercury turn to move forward once more at the beginning of November. This can increase confused thinking with attempts to hide or conceal information for a few days. The fog should be clearing by the New Moon on the 9th and we have a week or so to recover lost items, missed messages and start new projects. The New Moon falls in Scorpio this month which can make everything seem quite intense and there many be several undercurrents that are hard to name but can be felt all the same. Do still be aware of the possibility of deliberate deception as the New Moon makes a difficult angle to Neptune before moving into “high-minded” Sagittarius on the 11th. There is a brief window of opportunity to be grabbed before Mars turns retrograde (appears to move backwards) on the 15th continuing through to the New Year. We then have plenty of time to reflect and reconsider our plans for reaching our goals or ambitions. It is wise to refrain from too much exertion now as there is not so much physical energy available and burnout is liable to occur if you push on too hard. Those people who try to force their ideas on others or insist on conflict rather than negotiation during this time may find their efforts thwarted or plans backfiring during the next two months. With Venus moving into her own sign, Libra on the 8th until early December, there is a general desire for goodwill, peace and harmonious relationships which can have the effect of pouring oil on troubled waters. Certainly things can take unexpected turns around the Full Moon on the 24th as Uranus, the planet that relates to eccentricity, surprises and the unusual, begins to move forward again. Generally be prepared for a few false starts before things settle down, as this month has the hallmarks of change and re-direction with all this planetary shuffling going on. Be patient though as it may be some weeks before the new direction is apparent.

The next New Moon is at 17° Scorpio on the 9th November at 11:04 pm and the Full Moon is at 2° Gemini on the 24th November at 2:30 pm