Jupiter Conjunct Pluto

This month we experience an astrological event that won’t happen again until 2244. Jupiter orbits the Sun every 12-13 years, whilst Pluto’s journey through the Zodiac takes 246 years to complete. Consequently, Jupiter catches up with Pluto approximately every 13th year and this conjunction will occur in the sign Sagittarius on 11th December.
Jupiter’s cycle shows the ebb and flow of ideological and financial power. Mass changes of consciousness occur at the start of each new cycle bringing new collective beliefs. There will often be enormous ideological power battles in society. When Jupiter, the beneficial planet of expansion, belief, faith and optimism combines with Pluto, planet of transformation, power, and regeneration we can expect global changes in our faith and understanding regarding religious and financial authorities. This is the beginning of the next 13 year Jupiter cycle and it combines with Pluto changing Zodiac signs, occurring only every 12 to 30 years.
Pluto has been travelling through Sagittarius since 1995 and has brought profound spiritual and religious transformations as humanity has been confronted with an uncertain future. The journey to find personal value and meaning in life leads eventually to a reform in beliefs and social values. This 13 year process is completing now as Pluto moves through the last degrees of Sagittarius into Capricorn, late January 2008, thus beginning the next process which continues until 2024. We can already begin to see the initial stages of this new phase as Pluto in the sign of Capricorn ushers in earth-shaking transformations of political structures, and the death of old political parties which have outlived their usefulness. We will likely see the collapse of outdated and decadent regimes as new systems of government rise from the ashes. In the business world many upheavals will take place as new business strategies replace the old economic views and business practices.
There seems to be plenty of auspicious signs for a joyous midwinter celebration even with widespread turmoil and devastation occurring around the globe. The Solstice moment, when the Sun moves into Capricorn and begins its return journey bringing the longer days once more, falls on December 22nd. The next day the Sun Conjuncts Jupiter bringing bounty and plenty and bright prospects are available to those who choose to tune in to it. Overstated enthusiasm may be the main problem when the Sun opposes Mars at the Full Moon on the 24th, as intentions and the ability to fulfil them are a bit at odds and it can be two steps forward, one step back for everyone. The resulting frustration can fuel disputes or engender discouragement. Rash moves, overblown feelings, emotional conflict, and anger can be lurking around the corner, so today’s the right day to take it easy and not push, or be pushed, too far. If you can take all this in your stride then there’s no reason for anything other than peace and goodwill this Christmas.