January 2012 – Mars Retrograde

As we fully enter into the New Year putting seasonal holidays behind us, the focus turns to everyday concerns once more. You may though have a niggling feeling that this year’s concerns might be anything other than “everyday”.

2012 has achieved heightened significance as the year when the world as we know it, changes. Whilst you are waiting and watching for these big changes to occur on the world stage you may not have noticed quite how much you’re changing in the privacy of your own inner life! Those who want to stay ahead of the game will have been actively making adjustments as fast as personal awareness will allow. The small personal shifts in the way we perceive things will bring about the best possible outcomes this year.

With socially minded Venus connecting with Neptune, the dissolver of boundaries, in altruistic Aquarius around the Full Moon on the 9th we are getting the message that other people really are equally important. This pair of caring planets makes a strong Air trine to stabilizing Saturn in Libra so expect greater participation in social activities that benefit the wider community. Benevolent Jupiter in down to earth Taurus is now moving forward again and sustains a supportive Earth trine to transformative Pluto through to March. This influence gives a much needed boost in the optimism department.

The big astrological story this month features feisty Mars which represents our basic survival instinct and energy for action. He is the thrust behind the desire to “have” or “achieve”. Currently traveling in modest and measured Virgo he is discerning and slow to act. Mars stays an unusually long time in this perfection seeking Earth sign, not moving into Libra until early July. Every twenty six months Mars turns retrograde. He’s now moving evermore slowly until on January 24th he’ll turn to retrace his steps, not going forward again until mid April. During this phase Mars comes closest to Earth (a phenomena known as perigee) and is visible in the night sky.

Any attempts to press forward with new ventures will likely be less effective than desired or end with unexpected outcomes. Somehow the energy required just dissipates and takes longer to regain momentum. This phase though has its benefits. Often Mars acts impulsively with a drive to achieve his goal at all costs and wins his prize through might and muscle rather than foresight and planning. Take advantage of Mars retrograde to be introspective and consider your motivations. Pay special attention to any “knee jerk” responses, defensive behavior and unconscious competitive drives. Those who don’t use the self reflective Virgo discernment may let their ambitions take control leading to an explosion of repressed anger as they cling to a desired outcome. Would be warmongers are well advised to have a rethink of their strategies now. Any aggressive action is likely to backfire badly.