Blue Moon

This Month boasts a second Full or “Blue” Moon and with the Summer Solstice fast approaching, June should be a Month of heightened vitality with plenty of cause for celebration. The Moon enters Sagittarius on May 31 just after 6am and becomes full less than 24 hours later when it combines positively with Jupiter and Mars. This promises to bring a high-spirited and enthusiastic influence with increased productivity, optimism for the future and a greater sense of opportunity on the horizon. With Uranus providing some provocation, be prepared to seize any unexpected or unusual possibilities to further your personal vision.
This calendar month we see two Full Moons and the second Full Moon has become known as a “Blue Moon”. Though if you are living in a different time zone like America you get your Blue Moon in May where the Moon becomes full before midnight and therefore falls on May 31! For a Blue Moon to occur, the first of the full Moons must appear at or near the beginning of the month so that the second will fall within the same month (the average span between two moons is 29.5 days).The more recent trend using a calendar month has taken over from an older tradition when two Full Moons would occur in the same Zodiac sign. The first Moon falls in the first few degrees and the second towards the last of the 30 degrees that make up a Zodiac sign. Over the next twenty years there will be a total of 17 Blue Moons, with an almost equal number of both types of Blue Moon occurring. No Blue Moon of any kind will occur in the years 2006, 2011, 2014, and 2017.
The older Blue Moon event happens when there are four, instead of the usual three, full Moons in a season, or quarter year. Since this type of Blue Moon is determined according to the seasons, it can only occur in February, May, August, or November, about a month before the equinox or the solstice. Occuring every three to five years or so, the last was June/July 2005 with two Full Moons in the Cancer/Capricorn axis.
The rare phenomenon of two Blue Moons (using the more recent calendar definitition) occurring in the same year happens approximately once every 19 years. 1999 was the last time a Blue Moon appeared twice, in January and March.

The Full Moon this month is at 10° Sagittarius on the 1st June at 2:05 am this is followed by the New Moon on 15th June in Gemini with a second Full “Blue Moon” on 30th June in Capricorn