Jupiter in Leo & Saturn turns direct

The recent New Moon in Cancer on 27th June set the trend for the next few weeks into July. This time period gives us the opportunity to really focus on matters that are close to home. The Cancerian themes centre around caring, nurturing and tending to anything in our lives which is still at the developmental stage. Reflecting a time of year in our Northern hemisphere when the seeds that have been sown are now at their strongest growing phase and also vulnerable to a range of influences that will determine the quality of what can be reaped during harvest. In our personal lives this is often a time of intense activity and the long days are filled with a mixture of work and pleasure. This particular Sun/Moon phase is closely associated with Pluto in Capricorn as the Sun passes over the same zodiac degree that was involved in the Grand Cardinal cross during April this year and tugs at the Uranus/Pluto square once more. By now there is the recognition that so much has come out into the open and we have had to deal with, admit to, or rid ourselves of so many things. People, habits or life styles have proved themselves to belong to our past and it has been required that we leave these aspects of our lives behind whilst we move into a new phase.

This month we can really get the sense that though so much has changed forever, unless we are still determined to hold on regardless, there is a feeling that something very positive is developing even if it’s still hard to know exactly what that is! Around the Full Moon phase mid month we might get a better idea of where we are going, and in particular, who is coming with us. Mars, the action orientated planet is in the social sign of Libra whilst making a very favorable aspect to inclusive Venus in the double sign, Gemini. We can expect to be making new connections with others or getting great pleasure from shared activity with more familiar friends.

The big planet, Jupiter changes sign this month and will travel through Leo now for about a year. This combination will be felt as a boost to all the fire signs especially. The “feel good” planet Jupiter brings us the opportunities for becoming something bigger, better and more positive. In regal Leo there is an emphasis on creativity, getting into our personal power as well as having more fun, enjoyment and experiencing the joys of life as children do. When serious and responsible Saturn turns to move forward once more later this month we can expect things to really come out from under the cloud so we can shake off some of the overwhelming burdens that have held us down lately. The general feeling of relief and a light heart will increase with the New Moon on 26th July as the Sun Moon combination joins with Jupiter in Leo over a few days marking another corner turned.