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What information do I need to give you?

I’ll need your birth data so I can calculate your birth chart in advance of our appointment.
Name. Birthdate, day/month/year Birth time, am/pm and birthplace, the nearest town.

What to expect from your Birth Chart reading

Our meeting at your appointment is your opportunity to gain a greater understanding of yourself through the interpretation of your unique Astrological blueprint. This is a discussion and I encourage you to ask questions and be involved in the direction of the consultation as we unpack the deeper meaning held within your chart.

In your first reading, I can include an analysis of your life trends, talents, challenges, spiritual path, relationship potentials, career options etc. with a focus on whichever area of life is currently of most importance to you. During your reading, I will also identify major trends over the next 12 months.

You will also receive an A4 document which includes your chart, details of your Horoscope and other relevant information relating to your chart. This will help to remind you of the issues we discussed as well as provide a lifelong personal astrological resource.

What are my options?

A standard reading takes about 90 minutes. This session provides time for an in-depth reading. We’ll have time to focus on a particular area of interest or personal issue with plenty of time for discussion. We can also consider the year ahead or other matters of importance, in addition to a general overview of your birth chart.

A basic appointment takes about 1 hour. (60 minutes) This gives enough time to introduce you to your birth chart or to focus on an area of special importance. This is also a suitable appointment for follow up sessions or an annual update.

You can extend your appointment by 30 minutes by prior arrangement.

Booking your Birth Chart reading

Decide if you want to have a standard session (90 minutes) or a basic 60 minutes session. Contact me to arrange a suitable appointment time.

Please email me your birth details when you book an appointment so I can prepare your charts and reports before your consultation. Once we have agreed on a time I expect you to make your payment in advance to confirm your booking. (See my terms & conditions regarding refunds)

How much does it cost?

Personal visit €150

Phone/Video call 90 minutes €120

Phone/Video call 60 minutes €90

A note about fees:

Fees from March 20th 2020. I introduced a sliding scale of charges due to the current circumstances. Please see the options and choose the amount that feels right for you based on your income.