Moon Horoscope February

The Full Moon of February sees the culmination of events that grew out of the New Moon of January 19th and with fiery Mars continuing to move away from the conjunction with Pluto we should see some of the intensity of the last couple of weeks lessen in areas of conflict. As both the Sun and Moon make a contact with Mars and Uranus now, we can expect to feel the need to make sudden or abrupt changes, move on quickly or cover a lot of ground just to get out of the current situation. The question to ask though is “what changes are you making and will they really improve your life or is this just change for the sake of change?” With expansive Jupiter in contact with the Sun as well, it’s important to remember that it is often the modest plans that will succeed and that you can get just as far with many small coordinated steps as you can with great leaps forward. So be aware if you’re feeling agitated, uncertain and uncommitted for a few days. Wait until it passes to make major decisions rather than have to backtrack later, unless you are happy to take the gamble!
There might be quite a few changes or surprises in store this month with relationships taking unexpected turns and thoughts about what we really value uppermost. Mercury begins its retrograde motion once more on February 14 so expect thing to move slowly especially regarding communications, transport and establishing agreements. That delayed Valentine’s gift could cause a few upsets! Frustrating as it might be over the next few weeks, remember that events are, in fact, restructuring themselves behind the scenes and we may be in for some surprises when all is resolved. The best response is to make as few assumptions as possible and don’t bet on the same old horses coming home. Be especially open to your own intuitive hunches and be ready to jump aboard a different bandwagon when it suddenly materializes. What you are looking for may come from closer by than you think and from those you might have taken for granted. Keep all this in mind over the New Moon Phase around February 17. Usually the New Moon is the right time to start afresh and begin anew but this month the New Moon is “void of course” until it moves into Pisces two and a quarter hours later. “Void of course” Moons occur every few days as the Moon changes sign and can last from a few minutes to several hours after the Moon finishes its last strong contact (aspect) to other Planets in its current sign and before it moves to the next sign. It is highlighted on this occasion only because the last major aspect is conjunct the Sun: the moment of the New Moon. In traditional Astrology the void prevents events from coming to a close as energy dissipates and intended outcomes are unsuccessful. The Moon’s movement and rhythmic contact with other Planets provides an important continuity, so if there is a break i.e. “void of course” things cannot carry through to their natural conclusion. In a way it provides the “wild card” or a chance for alternative possibilities to occur. But on the whole it is a time to pause and reconsider. Wait rather than push on. Reflect, meditate and consider before getting back to full speed when the New Moon enters the next sign. This happening whilst Mercury is retrograde is surely telling us to slow down and turn inwards to sense what your intuition says rather than take what is happening around you as the reliable source of information. This is a valuable time when it’s possible to have perceptive insights and gain a spark of inspiration that will give you the energy boost needed to get things moving again and perhaps in a new direction, very soon.

The Full Moon is at 13° Leo on 2 February at 5:45 am and the next New Moon is at 29° Aquarius on 17 February at 4:15 pm.