March Full Moon 2009 lines up with Saturn Opposite Uranus

Full Moon creates the Sun opposite Moon “pull” which gives the monthly energy peak we’ve become accustomed to. “Full Moon madness” is well documented in science and medicine as heightened mental and physical activity experienced by many, often as restlessness and increased energy. This Full Moon is combined with the extra ingredient of the mighty Saturn Uranus opposition, now a hallmark of the current global disruption. The reflective Moon represents the mood of the masses as well as our own personal emotional or instinctual responses. In close contact with the sobering influence of Saturn we could easily find ourselves feeling a bit “world weary”. From lack of energy or resources we might be inclined towards simply maintaining the tried and tested, safe, secure, familiar lifestyle. In complete contrast the Moon, our mood, is opposed by Uranus, known for its disruptive influence. Expect to feel erratic mood swings or sudden changes of heart as situations present their many different facets. There’s still more to add to this stimulating planetary pattern. Our Sun is symbolic of the powerful life force that drives us forward whilst illuminating our world. Unsentimental Uranus frees us from the restraining dictates of obsolete habits, traditions and falsehoods. When the vitality of the Sun is closely combined with the dramatic severing energy of Uranus we have a very potent dynamic which can break through ingrained inertia. Their exact conjunction occurs on the 13th, prolonging the effect of the heightened energy over several days. Two weeks later, when the Moon has caught up and joined with the Sun once more at New Moon we can expect to have seen some changes whether minor or major, personal or global. As the Moon is “swallowed up” in the light of the Sun and becomes invisible to us at New Moon, both the great luminaries are joined by an assertive Venus in Aries. Use this influence to reassess what’s best for your own well being. Sort out your priorities and personal values. Then be prepared to communicate this new information to those who need to know as Mercury the messenger flits by both Venus and the Sun whilst being challenged by a strong angle from the Moon at the end of the month.