Full Moon in Aries Jupiter turns direct October 2009

This month sees a change of focus after what has been a series of frustrations, delays and breakdown in communications experienced over the summer season. The Full Moon in Aries during the first week of October brings emotional tensions from last month’s difficult New Moon to a head. Be careful not to react to situations with “knee jerk” responses that might be regretted later. There will be an urge to press forward and start new ventures but it would be better to be patient and wait until more favorable influences are initiated during the third week of October. Mercury returned to its forward motion at the end of September, but continues to travel slowly for the next few weeks. Whilst Mercury and Venus remain in Virgo opposite Uranus, the touchy, prickly or argumentative responses likely at the moment could persist into the second week of the month. We will continue to find our attempts to get things moving a struggle until the New Moon phase. On the 10th Mercury moves into Libra quickly joined by Venus on the 14th followed by the New Moon on the 18th. This will ease some of the recent stresses as the sign of Libra brings relationships into focus with the emphasis on harmony and co-operation. Mars has been transiting through cautious Cancer and moves into Leo on the 16th where he will be more able to act effectively in the warmth of a fire sign. The “greater benefic” Jupiter has been in retrograde motion (appearing to travel backward) since mid June and finally turns forward again on the 13th. During this period we will have had cause to consider our personal integrity and honesty as righteous Jupiter has focussed its energy on our inner life. We may have re-evaluated our goals and questioned the significance of our closest associations. Now we can begin to turn that recent knowledge into positive action as we reclaim the essential relationships and values we need to progress. Although Jupiter will be moving slowly until it picks up speed in mid November this added energy release will be the beginning of the new phase for the autumn and winter months. The restrictions that have been felt over the last year and particularly the last few months can be loosened and some people will finally break free from emotional hindrances that have held them back until now. During the New Moon in Libra our attention is focussed on the quality of our social interactions and personal relation ships. With Venus in Libra making a very favorable aspect to both Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius later in the month we can expect some positive and welcome advances in the way we relate to those who are important to us as well as an easing of tensions in the wider community. This could bring opportunity for negotiations or collaborations which will be of benefit to all concerned.

This month’s Full Moon is at 12° Aries on the 4 October at 7:11 am and the New Moon is at 25° Libra on the 18 October at 6:34 am