Easter Astrology – Spring Equinox

The yearly Calendar that is so familiar to us now has been subject to many changes over the centuries. The keeping of time requires complicated calculations and has been the cause of many disputes. Yet the Lunar and Solar phases are as important today for timing events as they have been throughout the ages. The next Full Moon falls on the day following the Vernal (spring) equinox which is when the day length is equal to the night. It marks the tropical Astrological New Year as the Sun enters the first degree of the Zodiac, the Cardinal, Fire Sign of Aries the Ram. Aries is traditionally ruled by Mars, (hence the name of the month “March”). This year it happens on March 20 at 05:49 am GMT. The cycle of death and rebirth of the new have been celebrated since time immemorial, on or around the spring equinox, which is why we celebrate Easter at this time. The date on which our Easter falls is determined by a complicated formula which generally means it falls on the first Sunday after the Full Moon which follows the Spring Equinox. This year, following the lunar cycle, Equinox coincides with the festival of Easter which falls three days later on the 24th March. Thankfully Moon Phases and planetary motion are easily recognised and occur with reliable consistency!

The next Full Moon is at 2° Libra on the 21 March at 6:40 pm